The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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MACV.jpgStreets of Saigon817 viewsMACV Headquarters, complete with general officer flag and black sedan.
Helgoland.JPGStreets of Saigon716 viewsThe German hospital ship, "The Helgoland", is docked at the port of Saigon. It's mission was humanitarian.
Rick_E_6-4.JPG716 views
Majestic.jpgStreets of Saigon652 viewsThe Majestic Hotel, downtown Saigon
Kids-Candy.jpgStreets of Saigon612 viewsKids selling American candy bars in the door of a Vietnamese laundry...just one of the many strange sights in a strange land.
Downtown2.jpgStreets of Saigon556 viewsBusy boulevard on the main drag in Saigon. Many different and exotic types of convenyances here...both public and private. Of course, the "Detroit" model is sidelined.
Re08-30.JPGModern-day547 viewsCapt Charlie Murray and his FO, Dennis Dauphin, attend the 2008 Reunion of the 35th Inf Regt Assn in St Louis. Charlie was a West Pointer who commanded A/2/35 from late 1966 to January, 1967.
DennisFO.JPGModern-Day Dennis542 viewsDennis Dauphin attending the 2007 Philly reunion of the 35th Infantry Regiment meeting up with his "grunt" buddies of
A-2-35. At recent reunions, it has been a great pleasure to meet up with the Company Commander, Charlie Murray, Platoon Leaders David Dunn, Pete Dykstra, and Steve Patterson and Platoon Sergeants Hal Bowling and Art Johnson.
USO.jpgStreets of Saigon541 viewsThe USO building, downtown Saigon
Lt_Frank_Herbick.jpgModern Day Frank Herbick - 46 years later518 viewsWe met in November, 1966 at TanSonNhut and met again in Ocean Springs, MS in June, 2012, a mere forty-six (46) years later. Frank served as FO with both the 1/14th and 35th Regiments as an FO and eventually the 2/9th BnHq S-1 paper-pusher. But...Frank spent over seven months in the field as an FO, declining to accept a job in the firebase batteries.
ShyGirls.JPGStreets of Saigon505 viewsThese two little girls didn't want their picture taken.
Working_Crew.jpgStreets of Saigon463 viewsAnother culture shock...the "coolies" working on this culvert repair job include women! Note the "staw boss" standing to the right of the truck. Some things never change...even halfway across the world.
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