The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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LK-6.jpgWe'll never forget95 viewsMain mode of transportation from start to finish: the Huey.
LK-5a.jpgThird world country92 viewsPleiku taxi ride. This is the way it was in most cities/villages in the 60s...excluding Saigon.
LK-5.jpgOpen market90 viewsIn many cases, the local civilians seized the opportunity to sell something to the GIs.
LK-7a.jpgMontagnard Longhouses90 viewsMost Vietnamese villages were mainly huts; the Montagnards built longhouses.
LK-4.jpgSp4 Larry Keller89 viewsSp4 Larry Keller in stateside fatigues.

Well, they ain't jungle fatigues, are they? Nope, the "early arrivals" were not very well supported with weapons, food and uniforms. That came later.
LK-7.jpgMaintenance Tent at the Pleiku Base89 viewsLarge CP tent were common in the early stage; not much protection from mortar attacks.
LK-17.jpgMingling with the locals88 viewsLarry will take the local beer over not having a beer at all.
LK-7b.jpgGranary85 viewsThis is a Montagnard granary.
LK-3.jpgEveryone's photo target83 viewsBy far, the most common photos coming home from Vietnam were the Hueys, Chinooks, gunships and fixed wing aircraft.
LK-12.jpgIt's mine now!83 viewsA civilian swipes a stovepipe and carries it away.

Occasionally, a firebase position would be close to civilian villages. Note the howitzer at top left.
LK-16.jpgSp4 Larry Keller at Pleiku Base Camp82 viewsIt's a scenic view from the Bn Base Camp, then located in Pleiku.
LK-10.jpgSp4 Larry Keller - Taking a break79 viewsDismantling a firebase howitzer position and moving involves a lot of hard man-hours. Larry has been at work for 24 hours with no sleep.
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