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Last additions - Michael Huseth
Huseth-9.JPG25th Div Yearbook - Oct 1, 1941 to Oct 1, 1966A short history of the 2/9th FA arriving in Nam. The writeup includes some of the other supporting units arriving with the 3rd Brigade.Sep 05, 2013
Huseth-12.JPG25th Div Yearbook - Oct 1, 1941 to Oct 1, 1966Mike Huseth is shown taking part in the load out of the Section's 105mm.Sep 05, 2013
Huseth-11.JPG25th Div Yearbook - Oct 1, 1941 to Oct 1, 1966Courtesy of the yearbook, we learn that the 1/69th Armor was the first tank unit to arrive. They were initially assigned to the Cu Chi area and then moved north with us to the Central Highlands.Sep 05, 2013
Huseth-10.JPG25th Div Yearbook - Oct 1, 1941 to Oct 1, 1966Photo shows Westmoreland addressing troops. Identified in the photo are "Keller" (not found on roster), SFC Bobby D. Smith and SSG Norman Smith.Sep 05, 2013
MH-86a.jpgAlso readyCannoneer ready to move out with his Section.Sep 01, 2013
MH-77a.JPGMonsoon, 1966 - Tea PlantationJust a muddy mess everywhere.Sep 01, 2013
MH-30a.JPGAlways a sight to seeEvery artilleryman was amazed to see the Chinook helicopter pick up a 105mm howitzer on a sling.Sep 01, 2013
MH-86.JPG#3 Section: Loaded & Ready to go!My gun section is ready RSOP to a new position.Sep 01, 2013
MH-85.JPGHistorical photoThe Vietnam war marked the end of the US Army's "air corps".Sep 01, 2013
MH-84.JPG85mm mortarMortar firing exercise. Notice EVERYONE has their fingers in their ears!!Sep 01, 2013
MH-7a.JPGTake TwoAlways take two photos in case one doesn't come out right. Look carefully and you'll find differences in the photos.Sep 01, 2013
Michael_Huseth_-_2013.JPGModern Day MichaelAttending the historic 2/9th FA reunion at Ft Sill, May 29 - June 1st, here is a photo in modern day. Gives meaning to the phrase "We Were Soldiers...and Young".Sep 01, 2013
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