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Last additions - 35th Reunion - 2007
Landau-Collins.jpgWe can laugh now!Capt Dave Collins, Company Commander of C-1-35, shares a light moment with Lt Bert Landau, his FO with the 2/9th FA a few years ago.Nov 27, 2007
IMG_2618.JPGFire Mission!Still firing! Mike Kurtgis, Don Keith, Dennis Dauphin, Ed Thomas, Bert Landau, (Gary) Dean Springer.
Nice to see all these FOs still on target!
Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2616.JPGThe Party Guy"Hey...I'm having a great time!" Dean (Gary) Springer always enjoys the 35th Cacti reunions.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2615.JPGWiley Dood & Dennis Dauphin, sharing moments about the "Pleiku Pals" posting groupOct 08, 2007
IMG_2614.JPG"No, that fire mission was finished long ago!"35th Inf Regiment's Wiley Dodd, Sergeant-at-Arms. Wiley served with the 2/35th Recon unit.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2613.JPG"Those were the days, my friend...."FOs get together minus the fire missions and the muddy jungle fatigues.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2612.JPGOld FOs still find the target: Ed Thomas, Don Keith, (Gary) Dean Springer, and Dennis DauphinOct 08, 2007
IMG_2611.JPG"Hi, Old Buddy!"Tony Bisantz, CO of A/1/35 and (Gary) Dean Springer (right), FO, Bn Ammo Officer, and CO of the temporary "D" Battery share tales of command and service. (Tony Bisantz has passed away.)Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2610.JPG"We can smile now!"Jim Connolly, Joe Henderson, and Mike Kurtgis renew old friendships.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2609.JPG"Seriously, guys..."Pete Dykstra sharing a moment with Hal Bowling, and David Dunn; members of A/2/35.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2608.JPG"This is the way it was, I'm telling you!"Ed Thomas, FO extraordinaire, mentor to new FOs and a legend in the field, tells a "war story" while Capt Dave Collins nods off gently.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2607.JPG"And we'd go back and do it again, too!"Dennis Dauphin and Don Keith share their history with the 2/9th FA.Oct 08, 2007
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