The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

MH1.jpgLZ 11 AlphaHere I am and it's 1966. Sp4 Michael Huseth pauses to pose at LZ 11 Alpha. This photo was taken a day or so before a "muzzle burst" injuring 20+ in our battery.

Note the tree line which was lowered by the 65th Engr Bn.
MH2.jpgCutting LZsSetting up a new firebase is "thirsty" work. This is likely LZ 11 Alpha.
MH3.jpgMuckety-muckSaddle up and move out. Our 105mm howitzer is knee-deep in mud as we prepare it for extraction.
MH4.jpgRecon SergeantsSgt Walter G. Hyatt (foreground) and Aubrey Dale Ramsey (hiding in smoke cloud) serving as Recon Sgts with an FO team. Photo taken near Pleiku in 1966. Ramsey served with the 35th Inf Regiment. Both Hyatt and Ramsey are deceased.
MH5.jpgSF Camp overrunThis Special Forces camp was overrun by the NVA near Pleiku in 1966. There were no survivors.
MH6.jpgSF Camp overrunDamage from the attack. The truck is destroyed; there were no survivors after the camp was overrun. The inability to protect the SF camps led to the escalation of units sent to Vietnam in 1965 and 1966.
MH-6a.JPGSF Camp overrunWhat's left of a 2-1/2 ton truck after the attack on the SF Camp.
MH7.jpgJanuary, 1966Picture taken in early January, 1966. Sp4 Gene Little, Sp4 Michael Huseth, and Sp4 Jay Uler.
MH-7a.JPGTake TwoAlways take two photos in case one doesn't come out right. Look carefully and you'll find differences in the photos.
MH8.jpgGun Bunnies having chowPart of a cannoneer crew on first airlifted LZ, near a Montagnard village.
MH9.jpgAlbum Author - Michael HusethSp4 Mike Huseth at a forward base camp. The living quarters consisted of two (2) shelter halves and one poncho. Deluxe accommodations, eh?
MH10.jpgSwinging a pickaxeDigging in was always a priority.
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