Sgt Jim "Tex" Shelton



I never got to spend too much time at Enari, but one time I had to come in and take rabies shots...14 around the navel to be exact. I would go get my shot first thing every morning, leaving me free for the rest of the day. Of course in the military there is no such thing as "nothing to do". Since I was a NCO, they couldn't put my on some crap detail. I ended up helping this SSG every day, we would go around to all the unit service clubs, EM, NCO, and Officers and do a booze liquor count. Well, by lunchtime every day, we were pretty much 3 sheets in the wind.  By 1500 hrs, we were pretty much just drunk, out driving the jeep. We would always make it back for formation and chow, but don't ask me how. Of course that ship had to dock some time, and back to the field I went.