The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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Bert-Gun1.jpgSapper attack @ LZ Incoming253 viewsA fine example of a weak maintenance program...not!
Sappers do their damage.
Charlie_Co,_1_35th.jpgFO's Team253 viewsKneeling, Front: Lt Bert Landau; Lt Tony Bloemhard (KIA) by friendly fire returning from a recon mission.
Back Row: Co 1SG Antonio Cartagena, "C" Co commander, Capt Dave Collins, and Lt Joel Matusek, KIA. The story of Lt Matusek is provided under Bert's "Tour of Duty" link.
DY1a.jpgUncle Sam Wants Me!252 viewsThe "Call To Duty", otherwise known as your "Induction Papters". September, 1965 and my life is about to change.
Joe_Turner.jpgBanquet252 viewsFirst-Timer! Joe Turner was the FDC guy for "A" Battery during his 66-67 tour. Joe is a CPA residing in Aston, PA.
DJ-1.jpgBattle Ready251 viewsCapt Doug Johnson and a Signal Corps officer (UNK) test out the sandbags.
The_Trail_Pass.jpgLooking towards Pleiku249 viewsA good view of the topography at Mang Yang Pass on Highway 19. The roadside position of Company A-2-35 can be seen at the left of the highway. The company was guarding Hwy 19 during January and February, 1967.
A-2-35.jpgThe Banquet249 viewsLighten up, guys! Veterans of A/2/35 during the 66-67 tour are Hal Bowling, Bobby Day and David Dunn.
Lovely wives join them at the dinner table.
Booby.jpgThe Bronco Bugle248 viewsA great coincidence...Lt Don Keith asked me if I remembered this incident. Not only did I remember it, I kept a clipping from the "Bronco Bugle"
DB-1.JPGLt Blankin and "friend" in background.248 viewsMaybe he was stealing Donnie's beer.
MK-11.jpgLookin' Cool248 viewsLt Mike Kurtgis "looking cool" as the FNG - FO.
Bert-Gun2.jpgSapper attack @ LZ Incoming248 viewsOne less cannon on the books.
Dixon49.jpgM42 Twin 40mm Duster248 viewsHere I am with the Duster at LZ English that stopped all of the shooting after the Chinook crashed. This thing really got the attention of those VC that were shooting at the Chinook. Notice my beard; it got me a trip to Saigon due a skin infectionl condition that inhibited shaving.
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