The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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MK-63.jpgThe Enemy is your Enemy264 viewsNVA wounded and "Doc" fixed him up. He showed his "thanks" by promptly spitting on Doc. Then we had to cut an LZ to airlift him out.
ARVN_-_2-9th.jpgThe Springer Scrapbook264 views
TS-10.JPGLZ Ranger @ Ban-me-Thuot262 viewsGreat photo of Section ammo bunker. UNKNOWN cannoneer. Real artillerymen use big bullets.
IMG_2618.JPGFire Mission!261 viewsStill firing! Mike Kurtgis, Don Keith, Dennis Dauphin, Ed Thomas, Bert Landau, (Gary) Dean Springer.
Nice to see all these FOs still on target!
OD-posn.jpgConstruction time261 viewsBuilding the firebase at LZ OD. Note the red and white-banded aiming stakes for the guns.
MK-319.jpgThat's All, Folks!261 viewsA picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words could not describe the pictures anyway.
Smoke.JPGSmoke Trails259 viewsSmoke round leaves a visible marker against the hills.
TS-9.JPGLZ Ranger @ Ban-me-Thuot255 views"We Were Cannoneers....and Young!" Posing with four-legged friend.

UNKNOWN cannoneers. Camouflage strap has the name "Dick". Anyone have names?
UnkPosn.JPGAerial View255 viewsAn aerial view of an established postion - Unknown.
WSx-7.jpgChieu Hoi Pass255 viewsA PsyOps affair...dropping leaflets to encourage the enemy to come in.
IMG_2611.JPG"Hi, Old Buddy!"254 viewsTony Bisantz, CO of A/1/35 and (Gary) Dean Springer (right), FO, Bn Ammo Officer, and CO of the temporary "D" Battery share tales of command and service. (Tony Bisantz has passed away.)
DJ-2.jpgBC Scope atop the sandbagged CONEX aka FDC254 views1stSgt William Rollins, UNK, SFC Frank Venegas Chief of Smoke (deceased), CWO Emil Franklin, Bn Radar Officer, standing in front of "A" Battery sign. In back is the heavily sandbagged CONEX serving as a portable FDC.
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