The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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DB-7.JPGSafe & Sound?273 viewsAlways conforting to know that all the "stuff" you dragged to Nam is ready and waiting for you when you go home.
BY-2.jpgRTO273 viewsUNKNOWN at this time, he served as the RTO for the FO. Note the thickness of the jungle canopy. A clear illustration of the challenge of knowing where you are at all times. Nothing back home prepared you for this.
English2.JPGPanoramic View272 viewsA wide-shot view of the palm trees, lowlands and mountains from LZ English.
WS-4.JPGBattle at LZ Oasis271 viewsMay, 1969: The Attack on LZ Oasis. "Double click" on the photo and it enlarges; the second click enlarges further. A photo of Maj Tarr, the FAC mentioned in the 2nd column, can be found in Mike Kurtgis' photo album.
DP1a.JPGCam Ranh Bay - Barracks271 viewsFall, 1967. After flying from Minneapolis to SF, I spent a few days in process in Oakland. Then flew to Anchorage and Yokota AFB (Japan) enroute to CRB. Spent a few days processing here before being assigned to the 4th ID in Pleiku. Picture taken enroute to R&R in Australia.
BongSon.jpgRSOP to LZ English270 viewsRushing to set up "A" Battery at LZ English in Bong Son. Lt Dauphin laying the battery. Photo taken by Lt Dennis Munden.
WS-3.JPGLZ Oasis269 viewsLZ Oasis, circa 1966-67. "Dragon Mountain" can be seen in the background.
MK318.jpgMemorial269 viewsIn Memory of Maj Michael Davis O'Donnell.
English.JPGPalm Trees266 viewsA contrast of palm trees and the hills in the background near LZ English.

Bong Son was the site of LZ English.
Stateside_Again.jpgBack Home265 viewsBack home again...wearing khakis. End of Mission.
Ables7.jpg265 views
3d_Bde_Record,_2-9th.jpgThe Springer Scrapbook265 views
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