The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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The_Gate.JPGCamp Alpha / Tan Son Nhut AB304 viewsThis gate separated the incomining personnel at Camp Alpha from the Tan Son Nhut airbase just outside the city of Saigon.
BY-3.jpgFO's Team304 viewsUNKNOWN at this time, these soldiers served in the FO party with the UNK FO for C-2-35.
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DonBlankin.jpgBan-me-Thuot302 views1968 - Nasty mud, says Don.
TSN12.JPGBubble Park302 viewsThese Bell helicopters were mostly used for commanders to visit their units in the "safer" areas. These birds were no match for any hostile ground fire.
DB-5.JPGSp5 PJ Newlin, FDC300 views"PJ" ran the FDC for "B" Battery. You will find another photo of "PJ" in Tom Roman's photo album.
Cheu_Hoi.jpgDaily Log - LZ St. George300 views18-year old drafted by the VC decided to quit his company and toss his weapons & ammo. He became part of the "Cheu Hoi" program...those changing over to the other side.
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OnTheBeach2.JPGNavy Ship295 viewsA Navy supply ship unloads at the South China Sea.
Note the CONEX container in the center of the photo. Two of these units welded together formed the highly mobile FDCs for the artillery units.
Montezuma-Aerial.JPGAirstrip292 viewsAerial view of LZ Montezuma - FSB Bronco at Duc Pho. Was 3rd Brigade, 25th Inf Div HQ until August, 1967.
Ericksen-Bronze_Star.jpgAction at LZ St. George292 viewsRick is awarded the Bronze Star with "V" device for valorous action in the defense of firebase LZ St. George. The enemy attempt to overrun the base was defeated.
DB-3.JPGCollect call?290 viewsDon handles a call from the best artillery tool in Vietnam - the CONEX container FDC.
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