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Medics_and_kids.JPGUS providing medical care2 viewsIn addition to food and candy, US troops had Medics (91B) available to treat the people of the villages. Young boy (center) has no pants to wear.

The VC were acutely aware of the goodwill being established by the American troops directly aiding the villages. Too bad the US news media didn't bother to report it.
Chinook_Resupply.jpgRe-Supply via CH-47, Chinook Utility chopper2 viewsThe vital part of successful military warfare is to keep your troops re-supplied at all times. This particular mission was very special: it brought our "hot chow" in those insulated (MERMITE) containers. A welcome change from cold C-rations.

The only problem was the enemy was also well-supplied via the Ho Chi Minh trail running thru Cambodia and Laos. That resupply line was never destroyed to the great detriment of our troops.
Thomas-Turner-Whaley.jpgA Rare Photo2 viewsLt Ed Thomas, Lt Doug Turner, Lt Dave Whaley.
You don't often find three (3) FOs available to pose for a picture.
John_Cashin.JPGModern Day John2 viewsJohn returned home to New York and has been a loyal supporter of The Mighty Ninth!
John__Moon__Mullins.JPGCasual - Modern Day Moon2 viewsJohn served as a major partner in the Reunion registration at Ft Sill, OK with Maj Jerry Orr.
DoubleTree_2021.jpgRe-Scheduled for 20212 viewsLast weekend of September. Early arrivals on Thurs, 23 Sep 21

If you registered prior to the COVID19 Cancellation, contact Doc Johnson for details.
DoubleTree_2021~0.jpg2 views2021 Reunion location will remain Minneapolis, MN.
Quick_Draw.JPGYep, we were crazy!1 viewsFO Lt Bill Farmer and FO Lt Ed Thomas engage in a game of fast draw. Looks like Ed got the drop on Bill, but neither man has their finger on the trigger mechanism. Lt Bill Farmer was later KIA as he volunteered to fill in for a absent FO.
Wayne_Crochet.jpgModern Day Wayne1 viewsWayne, a New Orleans native, returned to his hometown after Vietnam to practice law.
Bob_Wilson.JPGModern Day Robert "Bob" Wilson1 viewsBob attended one of our rare unit reunions held at Ft Sill and organized by Jerry Orr.
Epps_1.jpgArmed & Ready for Battle1 views
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