The Mighty Ninth

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WSx-8.jpgPay Voucher322 viewsMy W-2 for the period of January through September 10, 1970. It includes combat pay.
TSN-Laundry.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha321 viewsA peek inside the laundry.
CampAlpha.jpgWelcome to Camp Alpha320 viewsNovember, 1966. The Beginning. This was the Reception Station that greeted the incoming unit "replacements" as they awaited orders assigning them to fill unit vacancies. The "Speedy Four" in charge took great pleasure in barking orders to NCOs and Officers alike knowing full well they could not do a thing about it. Every order we had was dumped into a trash barrel. You would wait for further instructions.

I was given a handful of dusty, dirty letters that had piled up. One was my promotion to 1st Lt.
35th_Coin.jpgCommemorative Coins320 viewsThe 35th Inf Regt, "Cacti", coin at left. Coin at right was a gift of Gary Dean Springer.
FFE.jpgFiring for Effect316 viewsAll six guns of the battery firing together. Likely done at the end of a daily registration to verify the pattern of the impact area and single out any short or long shooters.
RomanQuilt.jpgThe Banquet315 viewsAND THE WINNER IS......Tom Roman! Tom is pictured here with the quilt he won as a door prize at the Reunion finale event: the banquet. It was created by the Avila family; they won the 50/50 prize of $550.00!
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TSN9.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha312 viewsSlot machines inside the Officers Club.
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MikeKurtgis.jpgModern-Day Mike309 viewsMike attends the 2007 Philly reunion with the 35th Inf Regiment, meeting up with his old "grunts" of "Bravo Company".
He now lives in Ft Lauderdale, FL and started a very unique engineering firm using helicopters to repair and maintain high altitude transmission lines in countries all over the world. No one had ever thought of doing that. In 2005, "Modern Marvels" released a documentary on the man who revolutionized high line maintenance.
Le_Van_Cho.jpgStreets of Saigon308 viewsPort Policeman Le Van Cho on the left; Sp4 Jerry West on the right. Sp4 West was my "tour guide" in Saigon. Col Robert Sabolyk, the Provost Marshal of Saigon, arranged my one-day tour of Saigon before going out into the "field" with the 2/9th. I had a one week reprieve. Never saw Saigon again!
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