The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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DB-4.JPGUnknown FO351 viewsCan you help us identify this FO?
TSN5.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha350 viewsA bunker under contstruction at TSN airbase. Later reports indicate that Tan Son Nhut and Camp Alpha became favorite targets for harassing mortar attacks.
Mountains_near_Hoi_An.jpgOutside the FDC CONEX343 viewsSame photo, but includes UNK SSG and Lt Wayne D. George, the FDO, with Bert Landau at far left. Bert has a natural tendency to lean on something!
FO-Springer.JPGModern-day Dean338 viewsFO Gary "Dean" Springer is all smiles at the 2007 Philly reunion of the 35th Infantry Regiment. Dean spent many days in the field as an FO for his "grunt" brothers.
TSN6.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha334 viewsDucks play in a puddle outside the laundry building at TSN.
TSN7.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha333 viewsThe Officers Club at Tan Son Nhut airbase. Inside it resembled a nightclub or speakeasy...very low lighting.
Ables10.jpg333 views
TSN11.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha332 viewsAn ancient truck arrives at the MP gate. Looks like it belongs in a museum.
Duc_Lap.JPGBattle Site329 viewsFO Roger Fulkerson was KIA in this area. {See related "war story" - The Coffin Corner}.
Ables5.jpg327 views
Dixon-76.jpgThe Magic Slot327 viewsYep...that's where you stick the head of your 8-track cartridge and record YOUR choice of music. This was extremely "high tech" in its day. The machine is still around and working.
TSN10.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha323 viewsThe MP Gate at TSN
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