The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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GDS-1.jpgFirst Day on the job432 viewsFirst day as FO for B-2-35. Lt Springer shows off his new accomodations on his first assignment.
TSN4.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha428 viewsThe laundry at Tan Son Nhut airbase. But...does it look like a place where you clean uniforms?
WS-1.jpgMap of Pleiku & surrounding bases422 viewsMap of Pleiku area with many familiar spots identified.
The Mighty Ninth personnel considered the area a homestead.
Dixon1.jpgHere I am!416 viewsHere is me in Duc Pho wearing a 2/9th camouflage beret (that's my 3/4-ton commo truck in the background- notice the hex insignia on the door)...
TSN1.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha410 viewsFirst glimpse of the Iroquois or "slicks" at the Tan Son Nhut airbase. Was to become the major mode of transportation throughout the tour.
TSN3.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha400 viewsA "slick" lands at the airbase.
TSN2.JPGTan Son Nhut / Camp Alpha394 viewsA closer view of the Iroquois.
Local_Transportation.jpgGreyhound Bus391 viewsNot quite, but this little Lambretta was the "people-mover" of its day.
Downtown1.JPGStreets of Saigon384 viewsA visual confirmation of the hustle and bustle of downtown Saigon, November, 1966. Despite "modern times", street merchants still persist.
Downtown.JPGStreets of Saigon373 viewsThe hustle and bustle of the main boulevard.
CommandingView.jpgHighway 19366 viewsHills protect either side of the Mang Yang Pass. In the center, Highway 19 leads to An Khe - Qui Nhon.
Picture taken from atop the Pass.
Ables1.jpgBan Me Thout353 viewsGun Section smoke break! Far left: UNK from Puerto Rico, center is Top (liked cigars, good guy, too), Dewey Ball (middle, bare chest), cannoneer on the right (foot on trail) is Bob Brown.
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