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Jim_James2.jpgAll Smiles243 viewsAnother day humping the boonies. At left is the Company RTO, David Cook, center is our medic, and, as usual, all medics are known as "Doc". His real name is Reinhard Heubaum and he lives in Chicago. That's me me with the bandana around my neck (OD in color, of course).
LeVanCho-Address.jpgSend me a copy!242 viewsSouth Vietnamese police officer Le Van Cho, who worked the docks of Saigon, was really thrilled to have me take his picture. He tore off a piece of paper and gave me his address; he wanted me to send him a copy of the photo. Little did he know that I was off to the boonies and would never see Saigon again.
Dixon-75.jpgAKAI makes The Army Times242 views24Apr68 - Army Times does an article on the new Akai 1800-SD. This was like reading science fiction at the time. Bought one and sent it home. Can't tell you how many tapes I made after I got home....
2008Reunion-27a.jpg2008 Reunion Souvenir241 viewsCopies of a capsule history of the famous "P-38" C-Ration can opener and the AK-47 were available to the attendees of the 2008 Reunion.
Rick_E_2-2.JPGThe Blonde Bombshell240 viewsCpl Jim "Tex" Shelton and PFC Rick Ericksen seemed to enjoy escorting this radio and TV personality actress Chris Noel around the firebase. least it beats KP.

December, 2014, Capt Stu Royle adds some interesting additional info:
I know no one is looking at it, but immediately behind the 3 is the 1/14th Infantry VIP briefing tent and it had some captured VC/NVA weapons and equipment on display. I found a 8mm film that I took of Chris getting off the helicopter and being escorted to the 1/14th by LTC Robertson, 1/14th CO but can't get digital images from the film that are viewable.
HeloAtk.JPGFirepower Demo239 viewsAn armed helicopter giving a firepower demonstration. Based on info from other Galleries, this firepower demo took place at LZ Uplift.
IMG_2608.JPG"This is the way it was, I'm telling you!"238 viewsEd Thomas, FO extraordinaire, mentor to new FOs and a legend in the field, tells a "war story" while Capt Dave Collins nods off gently.
Hwy19-kids.jpgKids on the highway238 viewsDuring less dangerous times, Vietnamese kids hung around Highway 19.
DB-2.JPGVietnam Yearbook237 viewsWell, if we had one, this is what Don's picture would look like.
TS-D5.JPGGoing to the Dogs: Mascots236 viewsNot for sure, but this may be the TOC mascot who was also named "Short Round".
DB-6.JPG"Bootlegger"235 viewsThe mascot of "B" Battery, circa 1969.
IMG_2607.JPG"And we'd go back and do it again, too!"234 viewsDennis Dauphin and Don Keith share their history with the 2/9th FA.
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