The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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The_Lookout.jpgArmed & Dangerous247 viewsFO for A/2/35 clowns for a photo atop an concrete water tank at the Mang Yang Pass.
MK94.jpgLZ Oasis247 viewsLZ Oasis, early 1969
IMG_2612.JPG245 viewsOld FOs still find the target: Ed Thomas, Don Keith, (Gary) Dean Springer, and Dennis Dauphin
TS-11.JPGLZ Ranger @ Ban-me-Thuot245 viewsUNKNOWN cannoneers. Here's one for you, Charlie. Loading up the newer M102 howitzers.
TS-13.jpgTick TOC245 viewsThe fierce & determined guy at far left is Joe Henderson, then Larry Leonard, Bob (Smitty) Smith, Rick Algren & Terry Savely. FR: John Blanche, Gary Williams (2/9th) and Gary Butler (Ft Worth), also 2/9th.
Photo date is October, 1968.
Viet_Subdivision.JPGLocal Fortress245 viewsAppears to be a built-up living area with protected perimeter.
WS-2.JPGLZ Oasis245 viewsMap showing LZ Oasis, a location that many, if not all, members of the 2/9th spent some time.
WSx-6.jpgMPC245 viewsA nickel's worth
Dixon8.jpgLZ English - Bong Son245 viewsThe place I remember that was so dangerous and remote was a place we called LZ Liz. I spent a few days and nights there huddled in a bunker while the guns went off. I forget which battery was there, but they had very rough accommodations and a scary place on top of a hill. I was stationed in Duc Pho at the time. I was also in Kon Tum, Bong-son, and other areas.
Modern-Day_Joe_Cook.jpgSgt Joe Cook245 viewsModern-Day Joe. Here I am with my lovely bride. I not only survived Vietnam, but I managed to get into my dress blue uniform for this photo.
IMG_2610.JPG"We can smile now!"244 viewsJim Connolly, Joe Henderson, and Mike Kurtgis renew old friendships.
Okerstrom-Malnar.jpgMap Strategy243 viewsIncoming RTO, PFC Laurel "Lee" Okerstrom, and outgoing RTO PFC Greg Malnar, do a little map recon. Got to know the lay of the land!
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