The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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Bubble.jpgBoss' bubble102 viewsA fun ride if you were able to get on. Mostly used by the Battalion Commander to visit units. Note the former Artillery insignia on the front. The "vertical missile" was removed from the FA brass in the 70s, leaving the FA branch with crossed cannons.
C-130.jpgReady, Aim....Don't Fire!101 viewsInteresting photo of a C-130 crossing the GT line. After several planes got hosed with artillery, the order came down to post an "air guard" during fire missions.
Parker.jpgPleasant Dreams94 viewsHappy victim of a knockout punch? Parker of the Commo Section doesn't seem to mind.
Tiger_1.JPGDem Tigers weren't football players!82 viewsWhile we weren't shooting at Charlie, we had to deal with a four-footed potential enemy. We knew this fella didn't dine on rice.
J_Ward_-_175mm.JPGPre-Vietnam deployment81 viewsBefore Vietnam I was stationed with Staff and Faculty Battery, Gunnery Department at Fort Sill’s OCS as a driver of this 175mm, and other self propelled Artillery (M 108, M 109, 8 inch gun). Loved that job.
Tiger_2.JPGDem Tigers weren't football players!81 viewsNow it's off to the barbecue pit. We got him before he got us!
Millionth_round.JPGThe 500,000th 105mm round fired in combat65 viewsB/2/9 holds the distinction of firing the "1/2 Millionth" round in Vietnam. Looks like they chose a Willy Peter round. Good choice. Photo by Terry Stuber; contributed by J. William Ward. That "broken wrench" was the latest technology in setting a time fuze. The benchmark round was fired from LZ Uptight.
JWilliamWard.jpgThat's Me65 viewsChairs were hard to come by in the field
J_Wm_Ward.JPGLock & Load62 viewsThe 500,000th round is getting ready to go on its way on 22Jan68
Pictured above at far left is J. William Ward, our photo contributor.
Ward-Walker.JPGSarge Buddy62 viewsStaff Sergeant Howard Walker with the shades on.
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