The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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IMG_2608.JPG"This is the way it was, I'm telling you!"Ed Thomas, FO extraordinaire, mentor to new FOs and a legend in the field, tells a "war story" while Capt Dave Collins nods off gently.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2607.JPG"And we'd go back and do it again, too!"Dennis Dauphin and Don Keith share their history with the 2/9th FA.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2606.JPGDon & Barb KeithOct 08, 2007
IMG_2605.JPG"Did I ever tell you about the time I...."Bert G. Landau, FO tells another war story.Oct 08, 2007
IMG_2604.JPG"This is a great party, guys!"Don M. Keith attends his first 35th Inf Regt reunionOct 08, 2007
IMG_2603.JPGMike Kurtgis & guest LorraineOct 08, 2007
IMG_2601.JPGThe caravan arrives...Dennis Dauphin, Don Keith, Jackie Dauphin, and Barb Keith did a caravan from Memphis to Philly...and just checked the map occasionally.Oct 08, 2007
TamKy.jpgThe Final Days: October, 1967 RSOP from LZ OD to Tam KyThe monsoon lifts; BnCo Bobzien (hands on hips) checks on troops. White t-shirt: SSG Frank Venegas, Chief of Smoke (deceased); Capt Mike Casp (KIA) in front-left. Soldier in the rear is likely Lt Malcolm Spencer, who became the new "A"Battery Executive Officer (XO). The vital FDC CONEX unit was not totally covered in sandbags when the monsoon hit. If you note carefully, the mud is totally mush.Oct 08, 2007
Award_-_SilverStar.jpgAwarding of the Silver Star: Lt TJ Blue and Lt Don KeithOct 08, 2007
Don__TJ_Blue.jpgAftermath of the Battle of Hoa TanForward Observer Lt Don M Keith sits with 2/35th Platoon Leader TJ Blue, (dec 2020) checking out the munitions haul. It's nice to keep all the weapons on our side. These are the weapons captured after the battle of Hoa Tan on March 6, 1967.Oct 07, 2007
DonKeith-FO.JPGFun? Yeah, I love this job! Lt Don M Keith, FO. He spent 11 months in the field, probably longer than any other Forward Observer. And probably because they were worried about him in serving in the rear.Oct 07, 2007
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