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Chinook_Resupply.jpgRe-Supply via CH-47, Chinook Utility chopperThe vital part of successful military warfare is to keep your troops re-supplied at all times. This particular mission was very special: it brought our "hot chow" in those insulated (MERMITE) containers. A welcome change from cold C-rations.

The only problem was the enemy was also well-supplied via the Ho Chi Minh trail running thru Cambodia and Laos. That resupply line was never destroyed to the great detriment of our troops.
Oct 11, 2020
Search_and_Destroy_Patrols.jpgThe official name for US soldiers patrolling the jungle was "Search & Destroy" mission. When crossing an open field, Infantry Commanders knew they had to spread their men apart in the event of a firefight.Oct 11, 2020
Medics_and_kids.JPGUS providing medical careIn addition to food and candy, US troops had Medics (91B) available to treat the people of the villages. Young boy (center) has no pants to wear.

The VC were acutely aware of the goodwill being established by the American troops directly aiding the villages. Too bad the US news media didn't bother to report it.
Oct 11, 2020
Capt_and_the_kids.jpgCompany Commander shares goodies with the children of a typical Vietnamese village. Contrary to US news media reports, the children and their parents were glad to see American soldiers. But they knew the VC would move back in after we left. It was a never-ending cycle.Oct 11, 2020
Soldiers_with_kids-1.JPGSoldiers and KidsAn Infantryman of B-1-35 meets with Vietnamese children in a village. Our troops routinely gave kids candy and goodies from the C-Ration supplies.

According to the US news media, these men were labeled as "baby-killers". The news media got it wrong, as usual. It was the VC who entered the villages and killed the Village Chief to install their control.
Oct 11, 2020
Tam_Ky_1.JPGTam Ky - Final LZThe mountainous, and very uneven terrain of Tam Ky, was my last stop before DEROS. It was the WORST LZ I have ever been on! There was not enough flat, level ground to place six howitzers in the standard star formation. Judging from the slushy ground and unkempt look of this position, this photo was taken after a very severe monsoon hit us.Sep 08, 2020
Banquet.JPGBanquet NightOnce again, we gather for the grand finale: a tribute to our combat brothers who did not return home. Every year, it never fails to be a great tribute to the members, family and friends.May 23, 2020
A-2-35~0.JPGCacti BlueLeaders of A-2-35; professional soldiers all!!

Photo courtesy of David Dunn
Dec 26, 2019
Dunn_-_Day.JPGA-2-35 at JacksonvilleA unit get-together; long-time members of the 35th Inf Regt Assn.

Photo courtesy of David Dunn.
Dec 26, 2019
Pete___Lois.JPGA-2-35Pete & Lois Dystra

Photo courtesy of David Dunn
Dec 26, 2019
Bowling___Roberts.JPGA-2-35 at JacksonvilleHal Bowling and Stan Roberts

Photo courtesy of David Dunn.
Dec 26, 2019
Chris_Dunn.JPGA-2-35 at JacksonvilleSparking, charming and ever-lively Chris Dunn, spouse of David Dunn.

Photo courtesy of David Dunn.
Dec 26, 2019
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