The Mighty Ninth

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Five_Artillerymen.jpgFIREPOWER!A very rare photo consisting of: Lt Bill Farmer (KIA), Lt Dave Whaley, Lt Doug Turner, Lt Ed Thomas, and Lt Chris Herrick.Oct 21, 2020
Quick_Draw.JPGYep, we were crazy!FO Lt Bill Farmer and FO Lt Ed Thomas engage in a game of fast draw. Looks like Ed got the drop on Bill, but neither man has their finger on the trigger mechanism. Lt Bill Farmer was later KIA as he volunteered to fill in for a absent FO.Oct 20, 2020
Sp5__Barber.jpgSp5 Barber, Bn FDC at Duc PhoSp5 Barber holds a furry friend...a lemur. You never knew what you would find in Vietnam!Oct 20, 2020
Puppy_at_Oasis.jpgYoung pup at LZ OasisHe adopted us; we didn't adopt him. Cute little fella stands on a 5-gal water can that providing water for drinking, shaving, etc.

LZ Oasis, 1968
Oct 20, 2020
Spencer___Casp.JPGLt Malcolm Spencer and Capt Mike CaspSince I was heading home on my DEROS, Lt Malcolm Spencer was called out of the field, where he had been pulling FO duty, to replace me as the XO of "A" Battery. Behind him is the Battery Commander, Captain Mike Casp, who was killed two weeks after this photo was taken. He was on a reconnaissance mission when the chopper was shot down.Oct 18, 2020
Bert_Boy.jpgThe Innocents of WarI took this photo on the docks at Da Nang. The little boy is standing on artificial legs...and smiling.

This was on my 2nd tour in Vietnam.
Oct 18, 2020
Huey___155mm.jpgEarly Days of Duc Pho - Spring, 1967A Huey drops off supplies that go with the 155mm howitzer. Don't think that the Huey can pick up the 155; it can't.Oct 16, 2020
Holbrook_-_Casp.jpgThe "Boss" goes to the fieldLtCol Bruce Holbrook. 2/9th BnCo, chats with "A" Battery Commander Captain Mike Casp (KIA in Nov, 1967) after landing at LZ OD. His C&C chopper can bee seen behind them.Oct 16, 2020
155mm_at_Duc_Pho.jpgEarly Days of Duc Pho - Spring, 1967A quickly laid spray of asphalt was laid down to control all the dust on the landing pad. A 155mm howitzer awaits transport to its destination.Oct 16, 2020
LZ_English.jpgLZ English at Bong SonThe 1st Cav moved on to another mission and we take their firebase. The red tubes made a nice parapet wall, but I don't know where the red came from.Oct 16, 2020
The_Trio.JPGDangerous DudesLt Keith served as the FO for B-1-35. He paired with Platoon Leaders of "B" Company with his artillery skills. Weapons Platoon Leader Cal Graef is in center and Platoon Leader Lt "TJ" Blue (deceased) is on the right.Oct 15, 2020
DK_Skinny.jpegLose weightOkay, out here in the Nam jungle, be prepared to lose weight.Oct 13, 2020
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