The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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ward6.jpegPhilpotThe name is Philpot; a member of #3.Nov 01, 2020
ward5.jpegSolarsHis name is Solars. He is with the #3 gun crew.Nov 01, 2020
Ward4.jpegThe name is GoodrichHe spent most of his time in the field as an RTO.Nov 01, 2020
ward3.jpegUnknownsThe names are gone, but they are members of a gun crew.Nov 01, 2020
ward2.jpegNeed Ya right away!Would you believe? We just landed here and this gun already has a fire mission to shoot!Nov 01, 2020
ward1.jpegMy Home: The Gun SectionThat's me of course, working my butt off.Nov 01, 2020
Greg_Malnar.jpgModern Day GregGreg and wife Katie attend the annual reunion of the 35th Inf Regt, the men we supported with artillery in Vietnam.Oct 28, 2020
Bob_Wilson.JPGModern Day Robert "Bob" WilsonBob attended one of our rare unit reunions held at Ft Sill and organized by Jerry Orr.Oct 28, 2020
John__Moon__Mullins.JPGCasual - Modern Day MoonJohn served as a major partner in the Reunion registration at Ft Sill, OK with Maj Jerry Orr.Oct 28, 2020
John_Cashin.JPGModern Day JohnJohn returned home to New York and has been a loyal supporter of The Mighty Ninth!Oct 28, 2020
Wayne_Crochet.jpgModern Day WayneWayne, a New Orleans native, returned to his hometown after Vietnam to practice law.Oct 28, 2020
Thomas-Turner-Whaley.jpgA Rare PhotoLt Ed Thomas, Lt Doug Turner, Lt Dave Whaley.
You don't often find three (3) FOs available to pose for a picture.
Oct 21, 2020
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