The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Last additions - Bob Becker
BB-28.JPGExpert Chopper pilotsThis Chinook pilot laid the back wheels of his chopper on a personnel bunker while Sandy is hooking up the donut. I'm inside the bunker taking the picture.Jun 27, 2018
BB-29.JPGMile High and IncomingThis is the view; see how LZ Mile High and LZ Incoming are both above the clouds.Jun 27, 2018
BB-31.JPGReally highIt's no wonder that this LZ was given the name "Mile High".Jun 27, 2018
BB-32.JPGDecorationsI'm standing next to the new gun with some decorations added.Jun 27, 2018
BB-24.JPGA Working CrewThe fire mission continues. I don't think Ft Sill allowed cannoneers to straddle a trail; they kinda frowned on that.

Casteel, Martinez, me and Reedy working the cannon.
Jun 26, 2018
BB-25.JPGThat's MeThat's me...Bob Becker...doing my John Wayne pose.Jun 26, 2018
BB-26.JPGThe Whole CrewThis is the #4 Gun Section prior to us going to LZ Incoming.
Back Row: Sgt Reedy (WIA), UNK, Phil Orville (WIA), Me.
Front Row: Danny McMillan, Bobby Gomez, Elmer Lindsay (KIA) and Carl Willis (not pictured).
Jun 26, 2018
BB-27.JPGJun 26, 2018
BB-22.JPGThe real thingThese are the working parts of a 105mm; near and dear to the hearts of every cannoneer.Jun 26, 2018
BB-23.JPGFire mission continues...Casteel, me and ReedyJun 26, 2018
BB-20.JPGResupplyChinook dropping off ammo.Jun 26, 2018
BB-21.JPGResupply chopper leavingThis pilot might want to re-think his flight plan next time.Jun 26, 2018
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