The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Last additions - Bob Becker
BB-43.JPGBent cannisterPhil, Carlos and Sandy working on a bent canister inside the tube at Mile High.Aug 19, 2018
BB-44.JPGToo close for comfortCarl Willis is in the foreground. Artillery rounds going off right outside our perimeter after moving to LZ Mile High.Aug 19, 2018
BB-45.JPGAir strikeAir strike outside the perimeter of LZ Incoming with a grunt off to the left watching from his line bunker.Aug 19, 2018
BB-38.JPGPowder bag ritualWe are preparing to burn the excess powder bags.

L to R: UNK, Carl Willis, and Bobby Gomez.
Jun 27, 2018
BB-39.JPGZipper-roooUp the powder bags go in flame and smoke. The fire puts out intense heat.Jun 27, 2018
BB-40.JPGCambodia in the distanceCan't see much of it, but that's Cambodia, our neighboring enemy.Jun 27, 2018
BB-33.JPGBarbershop in the skyCasteel is giving someone a haircut; don't know who, though.Jun 27, 2018
BB-34.JPGCalling for a huddleWe're having a team meeting at this point.Jun 27, 2018
BB-35.JPGSo, what did they see?If this is how it looked to us Redlegs, what did our Grunts see?Jun 27, 2018
BB-36.JPGHookup time againSandy is getting ready to apply the donut.Jun 27, 2018
BB-37.JPGSomething in the valleyCarlos Casteel, Charlie South and I. Something in the valley got our attention.Jun 27, 2018
BB-30.JPGNew gunI am standing next to our new gun.Jun 27, 2018
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