The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Screen.JPG"Please don't feed..."I'm standing in front of the B-40 screen around the FDC conex (all the commo antennas made it a tempting target). The sign on the fence reads: "Please do not feed the animals).
MM_11-69.JPGAnti-Lifer ShirtWearing my best "eff the lifers" firebase regalia. Funny thing is, I thought the only items I still had from Nam was my helmet cover, wife's scarf that I kept with some toilet paper between the helmet and helmet liner, my Ho Chi sandals with at least another 1,000 miles left on them, and my dog tags. In going through my AWOL bag for 2/9 items of interest, at the bottom were the same hippy beads.
Our_Gang_at_AnKhe.JPGBan Me Thout Jim Hurdle, Carl from Georgia, PFC Dennis Van Linder, Denny Mrowczynski, Cruit, and George Jarisch.
BreakTime_-_AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me ThoutPFC William "PigPen" Nankervis (deceased 2013), Bullet Bob, Cruit, Tom Terrific, Carl, George, and Dennis Van Linder in foreground with glasses.
Break_Time_-_An_Khe.JPGBan Me ThoutIn foreground is FDC: (Left to right) Tom "Terrific" FNG from Manitou Springs, CO, Carl from Georgia no longer the FNG, Cruit who forever was just that, "George" Jarisch, Bullet Bob (back to camera with glasses), and Bill "Nan the Man" Nankervis(deceased) who could always give the Peanuts character Pigpen a run for his money.
AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me ThoutOn the ground. These two photos look the same, but they aren't.
An_Khe_AO.JPGBan Me ThoutOn the ground in the AO.
Our_Gang-AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me Thout (L to R) PFC Dennis Van Linder (promoted to Corporal and probably one of the last Corporals in the Army), Jim Hurdle, Carl from Georgia, Cruit (getting picked on as usual), Mike Medley (in the Joe Cool shades), Denny Mrowczynski, and Eugene "George" Jarisch.
Cpt_Williams_NG.JPGBC John S. WilliamsCaptain Williams was the BC when I got to the battery. He was a great troop leader but I believe he was relieved when rear Battalion brass visited. We were trying to save rounds from a flooded ammo bunker. The brass did not like that all of us were shirtless, including the BC, and that he was actually helping hump rounds. There was a few words exchanged between Williams and the basecamp brass, which they apparently also disliked.
On_the_road_-_Christmas.JPGBegging for candyMore of those tropical chocolate bars going out to the kids alongside the road.
Best_Buds.JPGBest Buddies"FNG" PFC Mike Medley and Sp4 Clint Curry out next to the conex "window" and entry way into the annex. Must have been a day or two after getting to the battery at St. George since I have on a WHITE tee shirt. Can't remember even having a green one during my tour, let alone underwear or socks. Note that the sign reads "A" Battery in the background.
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