The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

The_Soul_Section.JPGSoul SectionThe soul gun section chilling out. No names on the slide holder. While I recognize all of them, I don't want to put on wrong names.
Tex_overseeing_Gun_2.JPGPhotos contributed by othersGun 2 with Cpl Jim "Tex" Shelton overseeing the operation. Tex took over when Dickey "Dinky Dau" Daud (Sp4 Richard E. Doud) and his guitar went back to the World
St_Geo_Bunker.JPGLZ St George battle aftermathAnother bunker at LZ St George destroyed by sappers in the battle of November, 1969. I think Jim "Tex" Shelton sent this photo to me.
SSG_Biggers.JPGSSG Kenneth "Bodie" BiggersBodie Biggers a proud Texan and shake-n-bake E-6 as the honor graduate of the NCO school at Ft. Sill. Definite lifer tendencies, but a great guy who knew his stuff. He was FDC Section Chief and, I believe, later took over as Chief of Smoke when Chief went home. I think he received the Bronze w/V from the St. George fight. He brought back a pump pellet pistol from his R&R in Hawaii. The person sitting out a hand of Spades would use it to shoot at rats running across the CONEX "window".
Sp4_Jarisch.JPGMy name isn't George, but...Sp4 Eugene ("George") Jarisch manning the horns in the FDC conex June '69. George was the second most junior guy after me and had only been in FDC for a couple of months when I came in. He was very bashful with a heavy Texas twang. When he first joined the battery and was asked his name he said Jarisch, but it was heard as "George". He was too shy to correct anyone for a few weeks and by that time he WAS George from then on.
Screen.JPG"Please don't feed..."I'm standing in front of the B-40 screen around the FDC conex (all the commo antennas made it a tempting target). The sign on the fence reads: "Please do not feed the animals).
Road_Views_Christmas.JPGRoadside viewConstruction along the road always varied greatly in type and quality.
Pups_Butch_and_Cruit.JPGOur PupsOur pups "Butch" and "Cruit". The only thing I recall them barking at were Vietnamese and tigers outside the wire.
PFC_Denny_Mrowcyznski.JPGPFC MrowczynskiDenny Mrowczynski standing at entrance to FDC/1st Sgt hooch at LZ St. George.
Note volleyball in the background and a mess tent. We only had it for a short time until one of the cooks burned to death while filling a stove. {See "TAPS" - PFC Odell Easley}
Our_Gang_at_AnKhe.JPGBan Me Thout Jim Hurdle, Carl from Georgia, PFC Dennis Van Linder, Denny Mrowczynski, Cruit, and George Jarisch.
Our_Gang-AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me Thout (L to R) PFC Dennis Van Linder (promoted to Corporal and probably one of the last Corporals in the Army), Jim Hurdle, Carl from Georgia, Cruit (getting picked on as usual), Mike Medley (in the Joe Cool shades), Denny Mrowczynski, and Eugene "George" Jarisch.
On_the_road_Christmas.JPGRoad beggarsWe took along a bunch of those tropical chocolate bars and threw them out to the begging kids along the road. What intrigues me about this photo is that, as we went over a hill, I looked back and saw the kids pulling down the flag. That says a lot.
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