The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Our_Gang-AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me Thout (L to R) PFC Dennis Van Linder (promoted to Corporal and probably one of the last Corporals in the Army), Jim Hurdle, Carl from Georgia, Cruit (getting picked on as usual), Mike Medley (in the Joe Cool shades), Denny Mrowczynski, and Eugene "George" Jarisch.
An_Khe_AO.JPGBan Me ThoutOn the ground in the AO.
AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me ThoutOn the ground. These two photos look the same, but they aren't.
Break_Time_-_An_Khe.JPGBan Me ThoutIn foreground is FDC: (Left to right) Tom "Terrific" FNG from Manitou Springs, CO, Carl from Georgia no longer the FNG, Cruit who forever was just that, "George" Jarisch, Bullet Bob (back to camera with glasses), and Bill "Nan the Man" Nankervis(deceased) who could always give the Peanuts character Pigpen a run for his money.
BreakTime_-_AnKhe_AO.JPGBan Me ThoutPFC William "PigPen" Nankervis (deceased 2013), Bullet Bob, Cruit, Tom Terrific, Carl, George, and Dennis Van Linder in foreground with glasses.
Our_Gang_at_AnKhe.JPGBan Me Thout Jim Hurdle, Carl from Georgia, PFC Dennis Van Linder, Denny Mrowczynski, Cruit, and George Jarisch.
Christmas_convoy.JPGOn the road again On the road again, another fond memory of Christmas Eves past.
More_on_the_road.JPGUp Yours!Despite our attempt at humanitarian aid and civil affairs, I think we were actually recruiters for the VC since the kids started yelling "GI fucking 10" and hurling them back at us. Maybe it was the stale chocolate. Could have gotten seriously injured since those things were hard-solid and could have been used as the heat shield on the Apollo moon missions.
On_the_road_-_Christmas.JPGBegging for candyMore of those tropical chocolate bars going out to the kids alongside the road.
Road_Views_Christmas.JPGRoadside viewConstruction along the road always varied greatly in type and quality.
On_the_road_Christmas.JPGRoad beggarsWe took along a bunch of those tropical chocolate bars and threw them out to the begging kids along the road. What intrigues me about this photo is that, as we went over a hill, I looked back and saw the kids pulling down the flag. That says a lot.
Mr_Kool_Aid.JPGMr. Kool-AidKool-Aid, a "Shake-n-Bake" Section Chief from Pennsylvania, was being a good guy until he threw the bag to candy to me. Thanks a lot, dude.
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