The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

FFE.jpgFire Away!Note the left hand of the AG has a firm grip on the lanyard. The next thing you will hear is "boom!". However, Ft Sill DOES NOT approve of anyone "straddling" the trail of a howitzer. Ten demerits.
Danny_Fort.jpgWho else?Of's Danny "Cowboy" Fort!
TopKick.jpgThe TopJust looking at this picture, you can tell this man is a respected leader of his crew.
Update: January, 2014. We now know he is 1SG Clifford J. Pullan. He passed away in January, 2015.
Duck!.jpgBurning trashCannoneer taking a breather, perhaps?
JWW7.jpgPizza Order?The Top, XO and someone recording. Not likely a pizza order; more like another day at the office.
Lunch.jpgThe M-1 Field SkilletNote the use of Tabasco (hot sauce). Almost made C-rations edible.
Game_On.jpgRecessMonsoon basketball? Using a mud pit as a basketball court has interesting results.
January, 2014 update: That's First Sergeant Clifford J. Pullan under the basket and Robert Kornagay on the ground; Geary Burrows is at upper left.
IncomingChop.jpgIncoming ChopperAn excellent photo and "memory of being in the field" in Vietnam. This picture shows the talent of our Huey pilots getting into and out of hastily created LZs. You can almost hear the "pop-pop" of the blades.
cannon_cockers.jpgThey Call Us...Cannon Cockers or gun bunnies. We load & shoot. Can't do it without us!
New_LZ.jpgStarting OverFamiliar sight for a 105mm battery of the 2/9th! Starting all over at a new LZ.
Sp-4_Farley.jpgThat's MeSp4 Farley proves he served with the 2/9th Arty in Vietnam. Here's his photo.
Tucker.jpgCommo CheckLooks like the guys are calling each other. The guy on the left is Tucker from Tupelo, MS. He knew Elvis. I'm on the right.
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