The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Elephant3.jpgWhole different cultureAmong the sights and sounds in Vietnam, working elephants rates up there with the cultural differences. Some report that the NVA and the Cong used them to transport weapons and supplies. A four-legged deuce-and-a-half.
Danny_Fort.jpgWho else?Of's Danny "Cowboy" Fort!
Elephant2.jpgWanting to join a convoy?Troops check out a "convoy" of elephants.
Short-Round.jpgVietnamese KaraokeOur famous 2/9th roving mascot, "Short Round" appears to be evaluating this Vietnamese choral group. Wonder if they made it to the next level?
cannon_cockers.jpgThey Call Us...Cannon Cockers or gun bunnies. We load & shoot. Can't do it without us!
TopKick.jpgThe TopJust looking at this picture, you can tell this man is a respected leader of his crew.
Update: January, 2014. We now know he is 1SG Clifford J. Pullan. He passed away in January, 2015.
Lunch.jpgThe M-1 Field SkilletNote the use of Tabasco (hot sauce). Almost made C-rations edible.
Millionth_round.JPGThe 500,000th 105mm round fired in combatB/2/9 holds the distinction of firing the "1/2 Millionth" round in Vietnam. Looks like they chose a Willy Peter round. Good choice. Photo by Terry Stuber; contributed by J. William Ward. That "broken wrench" was the latest technology in setting a time fuze. The benchmark round was fired from LZ Uptight.
JWilliamWard.jpgThat's MeChairs were hard to come by in the field
Sp-4_Farley.jpgThat's MeSp4 Farley proves he served with the 2/9th Arty in Vietnam. Here's his photo.
New_LZ.jpgStarting OverFamiliar sight for a 105mm battery of the 2/9th! Starting all over at a new LZ.
Ward-Walker.JPGSarge BuddyStaff Sergeant Howard Walker with the shades on.
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