The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Ward-Walker.JPGSarge BuddyStaff Sergeant Howard Walker with the shades on.
Tucker.jpgCommo CheckLooks like the guys are calling each other. The guy on the left is Tucker from Tupelo, MS. He knew Elvis. I'm on the right.
TopKick.jpgThe TopJust looking at this picture, you can tell this man is a respected leader of his crew.
Update: January, 2014. We now know he is 1SG Clifford J. Pullan. He passed away in January, 2015.
Tiger_2.JPGDem Tigers weren't football players!Now it's off to the barbecue pit. We got him before he got us!
Tiger_1.JPGDem Tigers weren't football players!While we weren't shooting at Charlie, we had to deal with a four-footed potential enemy. We knew this fella didn't dine on rice.
Sp-4_Woodhouse.jpgBest DefenseIn order to make sandbags, you gotta make mud first. Sp4 Woodhouse takes a pickaxe to break up the soil. Note the 2/9th insignia on his field cap.
Sp-4_Farley.jpgThat's MeSp4 Farley proves he served with the 2/9th Arty in Vietnam. Here's his photo.
Short-Round.jpgVietnamese KaraokeOur famous 2/9th roving mascot, "Short Round" appears to be evaluating this Vietnamese choral group. Wonder if they made it to the next level?
Sgt_Goodrich_Sp-4_Sternadel.jpgBest DefenseThe best defense is a filled sandbag. Sgt Goodrich holding the shovel and Sp4 Sternadel managing the bag.
Parker.jpgPleasant DreamsHappy victim of a knockout punch? Parker of the Commo Section doesn't seem to mind.
New_LZ.jpgStarting OverFamiliar sight for a 105mm battery of the 2/9th! Starting all over at a new LZ.
More_Incoming.jpgLook! Over there!Time to get a move on.
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