The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

Bubble.jpgBoss' bubbleA fun ride if you were able to get on. Mostly used by the Battalion Commander to visit units. Note the former Artillery insignia on the front. The "vertical missile" was removed from the FA brass in the 70s, leaving the FA branch with crossed cannons.
C-130.jpgReady, Aim....Don't Fire!Interesting photo of a C-130 crossing the GT line. After several planes got hosed with artillery, the order came down to post an "air guard" during fire missions.
cannon_cockers.jpgThey Call Us...Cannon Cockers or gun bunnies. We load & shoot. Can't do it without us!
Danny_Fort.jpgWho else?Of's Danny "Cowboy" Fort!
Duck!.jpgBurning trashCannoneer taking a breather, perhaps?
Elephant2.jpgWanting to join a convoy?Troops check out a "convoy" of elephants.
Elephant3.jpgWhole different cultureAmong the sights and sounds in Vietnam, working elephants rates up there with the cultural differences. Some report that the NVA and the Cong used them to transport weapons and supplies. A four-legged deuce-and-a-half.
elephants.jpgIt's MondayThis elephant seems to be resigned to going to work as a pack animal. We were somewhere around Ban-Me-Thuot when those elephants came walking into our "field of fire". The Infantry stopped them and checked them out. When they were allowed to go , someone came up with the idea
to pop a couple of pro-jos over their heads. When the rounds were fired, instead of running away the elephants turned and ran straight at us. They didn't get too close before the men that were riding them got them under control.
Anybody remember the elephants?
FFE.jpgFire Away!Note the left hand of the AG has a firm grip on the lanyard. The next thing you will hear is "boom!". However, Ft Sill DOES NOT approve of anyone "straddling" the trail of a howitzer. Ten demerits.
Game_On.jpgRecessMonsoon basketball? Using a mud pit as a basketball court has interesting results.
January, 2014 update: That's First Sergeant Clifford J. Pullan under the basket and Robert Kornagay on the ground; Geary Burrows is at upper left.
Hackley.jpgHackley the HazardNote the "Elvis" hairstyle. Also, this is one of the few photos that captures a clear shot of the 105mm lanyard (lower left) and the hand brake (lower right).
Homeward_Bound.jpgOne for the road....the LONG road homeCelebrate! Downing a few beers at the Pleiku NCO Club just before heading home. There's still room for a lot more empty beer cans on the table.
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