The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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Hooking up the CH-47

Exciting task. Who wants to do it? Well, here's Sp5 Clint Curry volunteering to get under the mechanical beast. My notes indicate Clint was hooking up the howitzer for a hip shoot on LZ Cathy as it lifted off in Sept, 1969. The Advance Party discovered the proposed LZ wasn't ready and they used up all our C-4 cooking supplies to blow down trees. I still remember the lousy smell of those heat tabs....ugh.

Clint,_Hurdle_and_Burnett.JPG Clint_Curry,_LZ_Marianne,_1969.JPG Clint_Curry,_Hooking_Up.JPG Hook_N__Go.JPG Guns___Ammo.JPG