The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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LZ Tuffy - 1970 Breakfast coming up

Gotta love the Army's massive tail, they know just what the tooth needs. Carl and (I think) the Chief picking up rations - raw eggs. They sent us thousands of raw eggs. Just what you need when you can't get a fire going and there is nothing larger than a canteen cup to cook in. Unfortunately Jim Hurdle's stainless steel pot went back to the World with him. Necessity is truly a mother, excess powder bags burn and helmets hold water. Soft boiled or hard?

LZ_Tuffy_-_Moving_In.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_New_Home.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_A_Dozen_Eggs.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Mike_Medley.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Carl___Denny.JPG