The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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LZ Tuffy - 1970

Clean up time. (L to R: Eugene "George" Jarisch and Mike Medley). When those of us in the advance party (that didn't find the punji stakes) out of the 4 slicks that made it, we were stranded in the clouds without commo, in the mud inundated with 50 gallon drums of persistent CS. Each morning, a dink from the group on the overlooking ridgeline would come up the draw and let off a clip trying to get us to fire back to locate our 60s. It was only fitting that the three-holer (top left in photo) was placed in that shitty location. I was hesitant to use it since it was on the draw and left one's backside facing the dinks on the opposing ridgeline.

LZ_Tuffy_-_Civilized.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Built_up.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Jarisch_and_Medley.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Mike,_Carl_and_George.JPG Bn_Area_at_Enari.JPG