The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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LZ Tuffy - 1970

Million dollar views from Tuffy - this slide and next. Unless, of course, you looked 1800 mils and saw the ridgeline lurking over the firebase. It was a mother to try to hump trunks up the steep sides of those hills to use for overhead cover. The mountaintop was so small and steep that we could only fire the full battery (I think we were still down a tube at that time) on high angle. {continued next slide}

LZ_Tuffy_-_Mike_Medley.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Carl___Denny.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Million_Dollar_view.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Civilized.JPG LZ_Tuffy_-_Built_up.JPG