The Mighty Ninth

Strive To Reach The Summit

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First Shirt

1SG James E. McPeek. This is First Sgt Mac. We didn't get along. He lived in the FDC bunker and he was a big poker player, going to the rear for the $100s of dollar pots. He had a poker game going in the front of the bunker (his domain took up a quarter of the bunker). I was not a poker player and had to write down what-beats-what. I won a few bucks, he got pissed, and from then on wanted me off the FB. Don't know when he went home, but it was none too soon for me. Fortunately McKuen (XO) saved me since I could do a high-burst registration.

FDO_Benton_and_XO_McKuen.JPG Cpt_Williams_NG.JPG 1stSgt_McPeek.JPG Not_Sure.JPG Hip_Shoot_at_LZ_Marianne.JPG