In-Country 28 Aug 67
KIA 25 Dec 67
Panel 32E, Line 057

Sp4 E-4, 18837715
MOS 13B20, Age 19
"C" Battery
Riverside, CA

Danny was killed by a "short round" during the 
placement of "defcons" on Christmas Day, 1967.
Three soldiers were killed and thirteen others wounded.

                                                                            Danny is buried at Crestlawn Memorial Park, Riverside, CA


Danny  was  initially in  our FO party with B/2/35 as RTO and got promoted to Recon Sgt and went to another company.
     ------Lt Wayne Crochet

TRIBUTES to Sp4 Danny Jeter

On the Christmas day, Charlie Company was doing what it was supposed to do. Sending out short sweeps just to make sure. Things were kind of quiet. By 1700H, everyone was back in the perimeter and it was time to enjoy Christmas. At 1922H, defcons were called in. One short round, later determined to be defective, landed inside the perimeter of Charlie Co. LT Ronald J. Siengo, from C Co, SP4 Danny W. Jeter and PFC Charles D. McClurg, with the 2/9th Arty, were KIA. Charlie Company also lost 13 other men that night who were WIA; John Wallace, Raymond Rivera, George Rollins, Wilber Gillespi, Thomas O’Conner, Cluris Spivey, Kenneth Westfall, James Boykin, Brooks Woolcok, Noble Smith, Walter Powell, Leland Edelen, and Ted Deviak. I did not know any of these fine men. But every Christmas my thoughts come back to them. I hope the wounded went on to lives filled with joy. I say a prayer for the family of those who did not return from this day. "Friendly fire" has always been a tragedy of war, but knowing that doesn’t make it feel better.

     ------Jim Anderson, Bravo 2/35 67-68)  


I was just looking at the book I got when I got out of basic training to look up old friends when I looked on line and saw that he gave all . I was in Vietnam 67-68 with the 4th Inf Division we will always be brothers you will never be forgotten.

     ------Howard Raymo