Capt Ronald Arthur Norris
Artillery Liaison, 1966-67

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the death of Ronald Norris, Class of 1963. 

Ronald Arthur Norris, 71, of Alexandria, Va., was a member of the Class of 1963 at Norwich University.  He passed away on September 10, 2013. Ron graduated from Norwich University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. While at Norwich, he was a member of the Drill Team, Rescue Team, and the Winter Carnival and Junior Weekend committees.  Ron was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on December 26, 2013, at 3:00 p.m.

Tribute from Sgt Ernest Correia:
Ronald Norris was my Captain in Vietnam until he got wounded in 1967. He was a great man in so many ways . I am sad to know he has passed on. He was from Arlington, Mass and I was from Boston, Mass. 

submitted by Sgt Ernest Correia


Tribute from Lt Dennis Dauphin:
Ronald Norris was my "boss" (aka "Liaison Officer") as soon as I was named as the new FO for A/2/35, replacing Lt Doug Turner in late 1966.  I could count on Capt Norris to support me, back me up, and keep in touch with me.  His replacement left a lot be desired, thus doubling my respect for this great officer. 

submitted by Lt Dennis Dauphin